Seisho Philharmonic Orchestra 


Welcome to our friendly amateur orchestra based in Hadano Town.(western Kanagawa Prefecture’s )Our group consists of a wide range of age groups from teens to 70s , and we take lessons once a week at a community center.
The Orchestra was founded in March 2011.  The regular concerts are held at the  Hadano  Coorstek Culture Hall, which is located in the middle of the city.
We will  send you good live music and contribute to the improvement of local culture through the our  activities.
Over recent years, developments in technology and social networks have made it possible for us to reach even more people worldwide: Our activites are available to see and, as well as a You Tube channel , we have a lively presence on Facebook.

Quick facts:
Next concert: The ensemble concert in 9th January, 2022.
Subscription concert: The 10th regular concert in 26th June, 2022.